Twitter Analysis of the US Presidential Debate

Posted: October 17, 2012 in R project posts

The following are word clouds of tweets for each candidate from the October 16, 2012 debate with the bigger words the more often they were used in tweets (click on each word cloud to enlarge):

And the net-negative posts for each candidate:

Please note that the bigger the word is in the word cloud the more often it was used.

The R code for creating the word clouds

The following code was adapted from here and is an extension of previous work:

ap.corpus <- Corpus(DataframeSource(data.frame(as.character(romneypositive[,3]))))
ap.corpus <- tm_map(ap.corpus, removePunctuation)
ap.corpus <- tm_map(ap.corpus, tolower)
ap.corpus <- tm_map(ap.corpus, function(x) removeWords(x, c(r,stopwords("english"))))
ap.tdm <- TermDocumentMatrix(ap.corpus)
ap.m <- as.matrix(ap.tdm)
ap.v <- sort(rowSums(ap.m),decreasing=TRUE)
ap.d <- data.frame(word = names(ap.v),freq=ap.v)
pal2 <- brewer.pal(8,"Dark2")
png("romneypositive.png", width=1280,height=800)
wordcloud(ap.d$word,ap.d$freq, scale=c(8,.2),min.freq=3,
max.words=Inf, random.order=FALSE, rot.per=.15, colors=pal2)

Disclaimer: Any errors can be attributed to the fact that I was drinking heavily, that I was in Dallas, and that it was half four in the morning when I finished writing this.

  1. Dennis says:

    Love it! But in what possible sentence can the word “ass” be interpreted as positive? (Romney, blue, starting at the “E” of “love”)

  2. Steve says:

    Have you run into the following error when grabbing tweets:

    > pres_data <- president()
    Error in .self$twFromJSON(out) :
    Error: Malformed response from server, was not JSON

    If so, how did you get around it?

  3. bread says:

    where is data????? what the romneypositive???

  4. roelb54 says:

    I frequently encountered

    Error in .self$twFromJSON(out) :
    Error: Malformed response from server, was not JSON

    when using the searchTwitter() function of the R twitteR package.

    It does not depende on the number of tweets fetched as n=1500 worked well with some queries and not with others.
    my guess is that it depends on specific tweet contents.

    loading RJSONIO after twitteR solved the problem.
    RJSONIO masks the functions fromJSON() and toJSON() functions of the rjson package (which is loaded by loading the twitteR package)

    Apparently RJSONIO is able to handle some tweets better than rjson…

  5. vincent feltkamp says:

    Why is Dont positive for one candidate and negative for the other?

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